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Color Wheel Creations is an art studio in Hellertown, PA. It consists of many art programs designed for every skill level. From our beginner classes to advanced “Adult Drawing & Painting” instruction, all guests are encouraged to express themselves freely in a relaxed and welcoming  environment. You don't have to possess an artistic hand to create fun artwork at Color Wheel Creations. Our lessons are designed to help people develop beautiful artwork, getting them to dive into the creative process. For instance, the class "Drawing and Painting or Drawing and Sketch" allows people to choose from a variety of paintings/drawings and replicate them. For more advanced guest, we encourage free-handing your artwork to develop an artistic hand and advance your talents with art. In the "Mixed Media 3D/2D Art Class", we provide the environment to create amazing 3D art projects, such as slime and paper mâché. There is limitless fun here at Color Wheel Creations!

About Color Wheel Creations

about The Instructor & Classes

Welcome to Color Wheel Creations! I am Theresa Flok! I have a B.S. in art education and am a certified art teacher! Here at Color Wheel Creations, we offer a variety of classes that can literally teach anyone how to make pretty good artwork. Whether you have no clue how to create artwork, know how to make extravagant art pieces, or just want to have fun, Color Wheel Creations is the place to be. Some of our classes include Drawing and Painting/Sketching, Mixed Media 3D/2D Art, Family Fun Day, and so much more! Book today by selecting the "Book Online" tab or call (610) 955-4003.

Questions You may have

Q: How do I book my visit?

A: To book your visit, you MUST call ahead at (610) 955-4003 OR book online. You cannot just show up to art classes.

Q: Do I need to pay online?

A: Nope! It is totally fine if you pay in person. If you want to pay online, click the "Book Online" tab. Otherwise, you can pay for your classes when you show up to your first class.

Q: Where can I get gift cards?

A: You can get gift cards to Color Wheel Creations on the "Gift Card" tab on this website, or ask your art instructor when you visit!

Q: If I cancel a class due to other plans I have, can I reschedule it?

A: No. If you cancel a class because you have other plans, you may not reschedule it since you arranged the time with the art instructor for the class to go on.

Q: If I no longer wish to continue my session after it has begun, can I get a refund?

A: No refunds are available for sessions that have already began. For instance, if you begin a class that meets once a week and decide you do not want to return after the second week, refunds are not available.

Q: If Color Wheel Creations cancels my class, does it get rescheduled?

A: Classes are ONLY rescheduled if Color Wheel Creations cancels your classes. 

Q: Do I have to pay for the supplies I use?

A: All materials and supplies are included in the price you pay when you start the class.


Q: What age range does Color Wheel Creations instruct?

A: Color Wheel Creations instructs people ages 5 and up.

Q: Where do I go if I have any other questions?

A: You can contact your art instructor at (610) 955-4003 OR you can go to the "Contact" page on this website and fill out a form!


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